5 Gift Ideas for Lolo and Lola on Grandparents’ Day

For the past two years, we went through challenging times because of the pandemic. It was certainly a challenging experience for our grandparents, who had to take extra safety measures because of the dangers brought by COVID-19. Because of quarantine and travel restrictions, most of our grandparents had to adapt and learn to use apps like Facebook, Messenger, Zoom, or Google Meet just to communicate with their loved ones. Because of this experience, we can’t help but value our time with them even more and take every opportunity to spend moments with them.

Now that we are almost back to normal, we can finally visit our grandparents and create memories with them. September 11 is celebrated as Grandparent’s Day, and what better way to celebrate this momentous day than by surprising them with a gift? Here are some gift ideas for our Lolos and Lolas to make them feel more loved and appreciated during their special day:

1. Customized Music Box – Music boxes will make our lolos and lolas reminisce and relive memories from their past. To make our gift even more sentimental and personalized, we can choose our grandparents’ theme song and have their picture engraved on the wooden box.

2. Photobook of our favorite memories with our lolos and lolas  – As our lolos and lolas age, they may gradually forget where they placed their eyeglasses or when will be their next doctor’s appointment. That’s why keeping a photobook of your family’s trips and special occasions would help them remember and cherish their best memories with their loved ones.

3. Plant Pots – Most lolos and lolas enjoy gardening as their hobby to keep them occupied and active for the day. We can give them a dedicated plant pot to add to their growing collection! Add a personal touch by asking our family members to paint sweet messages for our lolos and lolas on the pot.

4. Adult Activity Books – Activity books such as coloring books, crossword puzzles, or word searches will not only keep our grandparents busy, but also keep their minds sharp. Don’t forget to throw in some colored pencils or colorful pens in our gifts.

5. Streaming Sites Subscription – During the generation of our grandparents, they had to go to the cinemas to watch films or tune in to the television to watch their favorite TV shows. But with streaming sites like Netflix, HBO Max, or Amazon Prime, they can finally watch their favorite movies and TV shows in the comforts of their living room anytime they wish



Just as the saying goes “it’s the thought that counts,” our gifts can also be as simple as taking them out to lunch, setting up a call on messenger, or writing them a thank you letter. After all, no matter what gift we decide to give our grandparents, the best way to show our love to them is by making more memories and spending more time with them. Happy Grandparents’ Day to our loving lolos and lolas! 

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