About Us

Along with the changing times, the needs of marriage, parenting, and family are constantly evolving. With innovation and new knowledge here and there, how can we cope with the times? We at Familywise Asia seek to come alongside parents in their marriage and parenting journeys by providing resources and helping build a community of wise and godly homes.

Familywise Asia is an honest, comprehensive, and engaging learning venue for parents and homemaker on family, marriage, and parenting. With insights from various experts, major aspects of raising a family, as well as the significant yet undiscussed concerns of families these days, are presented and broken down into easy-to-read articles for everyone’s learning opportunity.

It’s your trustworthy friend with the wise and real advice in your journey of keeping a godly home.


The Team

Publisher: United Neon Media Group
Managing & Editor-at-Large: Alpha Gracias C. Allanigui
Editor-in-Chief: Michelle O. Joaquin
​Associate Managing Editor: Almira E. Manduriao
Editorial Assistants: Patricia Y. Li and Andreiana Yuvallos
Creative and Graphics Team: Bennes B. Patio and Gaile P. Posadas