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When we think of the tools we can use to exercise and help us reach our fitness goals, we usually think of dumbbells, jumping ropes, and kettlebells. But another exercise gear that you can also use for your training is the battle rope, as this simple, everyday object can actually help you tone your muscles and stay physically fit. 

Although the battle rope workout might seem challenging, it has a lot of benefits. Aside from burning a lot of calories, the battle rope workout also tones the whole body, improves stability, mobility,  balance, and coordination, and works out all of the muscle groups. To perform the battle rope workout, you need an open space, battle ropes, a towel, and water for hydration. Before starting the workout, make sure to do some warmup exercises.

In an episode of Let’s Get Physical on Plus Network, entrepreneur, digital content creator, and fitness guide Marie Field-Faith shares how this particular workout can be done at home. To do this workout, you first need to get into your athletic stance. You can do this by standing with your legs apart, bending your knees a little bit, and getting into a squatting position. When you grab your battle rope to start the workout, make sure that it’s within your reach, not too close to your body, and not too far away so that you don’t have to stretch too much. Here are the different styles that you can do when performing the battle rope workout:

1. Alternating Waves

This workout style is also called the Unilateral Wave. To perform this workout, you need to raise the battle rope with an upward movement of the arm, then the movement of the other arm, and then keep doing it until you create waves with the battle ropes. Make sure that you don’t pull your shoulders to avoid destabilizing the ropes. To give more variety to this workout, you need to do side lunges while moving the battle ropes with both of your arms. 

2. Stage Coach

To do this workout, you need to switch your grip when doing this workout and grip the battle ropes as if you are riding a coach and getting horses to move faster. Move both of your arms with force at the same time and do it repeatedly. 

3. Rainbow

To perform this workout, you need to raise the battle ropes with both arms and move your body over to one side and then do it on the other side for maximum results. 

4. Power Slam

This particular battle rope workout requires a lot of power. To perform this workout, pull up the rope over your head with both arms and then slam it down hard on the ground with both of your arms.

For beginners, you need to perform each workout for 10 seconds followed by a 10-second rest. For the intermediate level, you need to do a 15-second workout followed by a 15-second rest. And for the advanced level, you need to perform a 30-second workout followed by a 10-second rest. 

The battle rope workout is a particularly tiring exercise, so it is important to hydrate and stretch for your cool down after the workout. Even though it is a challenging workout, the benefits of the battle rope workout allow you to exercise your full body and tone all your muscle groups, and get you closer to your fitness goals!

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