Dance Workouts with the Family – Let’s Get Physical

There are different kinds of workouts that people can try from the comforts of home, and doing dance workouts is one of them. Playing some lively music and moving along to the beat is also a high-intensity workout and also releases endorphins. 

Filipinos love to dance, whether it’s through dance presentations in schools or offices or by performing the latest dance challenges on social media. So for those who like to move their bodies through dancing, it can also be a way for them to stay physically fit through dance workouts. 

Entrepreneur, digital content creator, and fitness guide Marie Field-Faith teaches a dance workout made up of simple dance moves that you and your family members can do at home. Before starting the workout, she says that you will need to play good, upbeat music, an open space for the workout, a towel, and water for hydration. She also reminds us that if you are dancing with children, you need to supervise them during the workout. 

Before dancing, you need to perform some warm-ups, such as jumping jacks. Then, once you are ready for the workout, you can start by performing other dance moves such as the salt shaker, lateral jumps, lateral twists, squats with v-hand raises, and four corners. 

By moving to the music, you can do a combination of these moves as part of your dance workout!

You can combine some of the dance moves like lateral jumps and twists. Afterward, make sure to take the time to drink water and hydrate after the workouts to catch your breath before repeating the workout. After the workout, you need to cool down by doing some stretching. 

Doing dance workouts from your home has several benefits, such as giving you physical and emotional stimulation, positive mental effects, and reducing stress and improving energy, releasing feel-good endorphins, while also being a great bonding activity for family and friends.

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