5 Parenting Realities from the Incredibles 2

Photo courtesy of Disney Pixar

After 14 years, everybody’s favorite crime-fighting super family is back in theaters with the Incredibles 2. This time around though, Pixar’s much-anticipated sequel puts Bob (Mr. Incredible) on the front lines of a different adventure: being a full-time stay-at-home parent.

Picking up from where it left off, the incredible family fights their way to save the world while rummaging to adjust in the real world with actual non-super troubles and responsibilities. It’s light-hearted, fun, and family-centric—a film perfect for weekend family bonding.

One of the successes of the film is carefully yet aptly depicting the challenging tasks of parenting. It may be fantasy but it is realistic enough when it comes to parenting. Spoiler-free, here are five parenting realities we gained from the Incredibles 2.

Photo courtesy of The Incredibles 2 official Trailer by Disney Pixar
1. You need help either it’s your spouse, a friend, grandparents, or a babysitter. At some point you will not be able to do it all alone. With three children, Bob lacked sleep almost every night. Yes, parenting can be exhausting, so do take care of yourself. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask and accept help.
Photo courtesy of The Incredibles 2 official trailer by Disney Pixar
2. Raising a toddler is like muddling through the unknown. Like most parents of toddlers, Bob had no idea what Jack Jack can do, will do, or turn to next. Same goes with other parents – even without “super” children.
Photo courtesy of The Incredibles 2 official trailer by Disney Pixar
3. Moms can be breadwinners and dads can stay at home. There are no gender role limits in this movie, and as such, both parents support each other. Elastigirl gets to leave the house and fight bad guys while Mr. Incredible takes care of the kids’ needs, both physiological and emotional. While Helen provides for the family, Bob witnesses Jack Jack show off his powers one by one. At the end of the day, they talk how both their days were, give reassurances and encourage each other to be better just like an ideal parenting partners should be. The same can be so in real life.
Photo courtesy of The Incredibles 2 by Disney Pixar
4. You need to keep learning. The world is fast evolving. To help keep your children abreast with these changes, you have to evolve yourself, too. Whether it’s about technology, academics, health, or world views, you have to keep on learning.
Photo courtesy of The Incredibles 2 by Disney Pixar
5. You need work-life balance. Parents today face a difficult task of balancing their careers with their family responsibilities. Even Elastigirl had to choose between her career of saving the world and being present as a wife and mom. A fellow superhero asked Elastigirl, “How do you balance superhero stuff with the life stuff?” Without superpowers though, can you do it all without taking its toll on you? Elastigirl never answered the question, but the answer was obvious: She doesn’t balance the two. It’s a reality that must be addressed for a healthier well-being for both you and your family. But how?
  • Unplug once in a while—from your phone, your laptop, and all the distractions of technology. Dedicate your after-office hours bonding with your family.
  • Split household duties with your spouse. Get the kids to help out, too! Give them something to do that will teach them how to manage responsibilities.
  • Pursue your hobbies. Do you like driving outside the metro, going to galleries and museums, or diving? Schedule a weekend to do those. You can even involve your family! Let your kids experience what you love. It’s makes for a great family bonding, plus your kids will get to know you more.
  • For more tactics on work-life balance, check out Treading the Delicate Work-Life Balance Beam by Pauline Fermin.
To quote the quirky designer Edna, if done properly, parenting can be a heroic thing. 😉
Photo courtesy of The Incredibles 2 by Disney Pixar

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