Best Ways to Unwind for Moms

Feeling stressed lately? Can’t seem to focus or get any work done? Is taking care of the kids aggravating that spot on your back more than usual? If you’ve nodded your head all along, what you need is a much deserved break! Here are some great mommy-friendly ways you can relax, recharge your batteries, and feel refreshed!

Get a massage

Best Ways to Unwind for Moms |
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Did you know you can book a massage and have it in the comfort of your very own home? MassageMNL offers exciting packages that are sure to help you relax and leave all your worries behind. They also offer great packages for expecting or postnatal moms! They have massages to help ease your prenatal stress and even help you lactate. The best part? There’s no minimum charge! You only have to book for a minimum number of hours in your service area!

To know more about what MassageMNL has to offer, visit their Instagram here!

Pamper your nails

Best Ways to Unwind for Moms |
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Most ladies agree that one of the greatest joys in life is a great mani-pedi session. If there’s one nail salon that everyone has to try at least once in their lives, it’s Nail Spa. Nail Spa focuses on the nail care essentials, like basic manicures, pedicures, scrubs, and paraffin treatments. They also offer ultra luxe packages that come with massages that are sure to knead and press all of your footsie stress away.

For more details, visit their website here!

Indulge in a fancy high tea ceremony with your kumares

Best Ways to Unwind for Moms |
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Very few things in life are more soothing than catching up with old friends over a few choice pastries and an excellent cup of tea. You can have all three when you indulge in a very fancy high tea ceremony with your best friends! There are so many different places to choose from, so you’re not only spoiled for experience, you’re spoiled for choice as well!

Catch a show with the girlfriends or hubby

Best Ways to Unwind for Moms |
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One of the best things about Manila is you’ll never run out of shows to watch! There are always live theatre events around the city that are sure to be an experience, and this theatrical season is no exception. You can catch Tony and Olivier award winning The Phantom of the Opera this March and April. If you can’t make it to Phantom, don’t worry! Atlantis Theatrical will be staging their very own locally produced version of Beautiful, a musical based on the life and music of the legendary Carole King! Make it a fun night out on the town with friends or a date night with your other half!

You can learn more about The Phantom of the Opera here, and for updates on Beautiful you can check the Atlantis FB page for details here!

Stay in and watch your favorite shows or movies

Best Ways to Unwind for Moms |
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Although going out and getting your kikay on may be a great idea, sometimes, it just doesn’t hit the spot. An alternative to going out and spending your well earned money is just staying home, having a nice glass of wine or indulging in your favorite snack, and queueing up your favorite shows or movies may be the perfect way to relax! Just remember, scheduling is everything! Ask hubby to take the kids out for dinner and dessert so you can enjoy your me-time.

Stay home, kick back and relax with your family

Best Ways to Unwind for Moms |
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All of the aforementioned ways to relax and recharge are great ideas, but the best way to make sure your battery is in check is spending time with the people who matter to you the most – your family. Family time is the best way to mend your tired spirit and brighten even the cloudiest day!

To find more hacks and tips on how to relax, our article on Weekday Wellness Kit Ideas may just do the trick! Do you have any other ways to recharge and refresh yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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