Bathroom Remodeling on a Budget – Bathroom Redefined

In the last couple of years, the COVID-19 pandemic forced people to spend more time inside their homes. One effect of this is that many homeowners chose to upgrade their homes, with some remodeling their kitchen or bathroom, while others have home renovations and improvement projects in different parts of their houses. 

And when it comes to home improvement, the choice for many Filipino homeowners and builders is to shop at Wilcon Depot. According to Lorraine Belo-Cincochan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Wilcon Depot, their products have a combination of quality and value while also delivering consistency and efficiency that is distinctly their own. Each Wilcon store gives customers inspiration and design ideas for their next home project or for remodeling their spaces like bathrooms, living rooms, or kitchens. Wilcon Depot gives homeowners and builders a chance to upgrade and remodel their bathroom spaces. 

But when it comes to bathroom products, Rosemarie Bosch Ong, Senior Executive Vice President, and Chief Operating Officer of Wilcon Depot, proudly shares Wilcon’s partnership with HCG Philippines to provide high-quality bathroom products to their valued customers. 

In an episode of Bathroom Redefined on Plus Network, here’s a look at the partnership between Wilcon Depot and HCG and their shared mission of providing high-quality bathroom fixtures to every Filipino home. 

According to Ong, Wilcon screens the brands that they partner with very carefully and makes sure that they match their vision and values. In choosing to partner with HCG, they believe that their products are crafted with sophisticated design and excellent functionality as they commit to providing quality and customer satisfaction. With many Filipino homeowners choosing to make home renovations and upgrades, the demand for bathroom fixtures and solutions has been increasing as well. Homeowners are turning to their bathroom for respite, making it a calming sanctuary and hygienic space.

With HCG’s desire to build a better world where Filipinos can live in the future today and where anyone and everyone can look around them and proudly say, “I can live here!” which is HCG’s battle cry. Partnering with HCG means that Wilcon Depot is able to help and fulfill its mission to provide high-quality bathroom fixtures to every Filipino home. Aside from being a successful business, Wilcon Depot, together with its partner HCG, hopes to create a legacy of excellence and leadership in transforming the way Filipino homeowners and builders build their dream spaces.

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