How can I plan a fun DIY birthday party for my child? – Teach With Joy

Planning a birthday party for our children can often feel overwhelming. Aside from the cost, parents also have to think about and consider the food, guests, venue, and other things. But while organizing a party is not easy, putting together a children’s party is an even more challenging task, as it also involves planning for games, giveaways, and making sure that everything is child-friendly.

But author, wife, and homeschooling mom Joy Mendoza shares an enjoyable yet affordable alternative for parents: a DIY children’s party! In an episode of Teach With Joy on Plus Network, Mendoza’s daughter, Catalina, had a baking contest-themed birthday party, where she shared some tips for pulling off a creative, fun, and cost-efficient DIY birthday party.

  1. Keep the Kids Engaged – We often consider the activities that we can provide to entertain kids or keep them busy during a birthday party. Mendoza shares that one example is a baking contest, which keeps both the children and their parents naturally engaged and occupied. In the process, the kids also learn an important skill while having fun.

  2. Use Items in Your Home or Borrow from Friends – It is expensive to keep buying new stuff only to use them once. Use materials or decorations that you can still use after the party. During Catalina’s birthday, Mendoza unearthed baking pans from her pantry and borrowed mixers from her friends.

  3. Encourage the Kids to Clean Up Their Mess – An aftermath of a party can be tedious, and what’s more, a children’s party! Include “cleaning up” as part of a game or criteria for winning.

  4. Be Clear with the Mechanics – Make sure that the activity and game mechanics are clearly and properly shared with the children and the parents. This will ensure a smooth and less stressful party program.

  5. Have the Party at Home – Instead of renting a venue that can be expensive and hard to book, you can use your house as the party venue. This can be done by rearranging the furniture in your home to accommodate your child’s friends and their parents to get more space for your birthday.

During the quarantine at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, children were just stuck at home and didn’t get to be with their friends. Now that things are opening up, parents can find ways to get the kids together where they can collaborate and have to learn to get along. They’re not just having fun, parties can also be a way to build our children’s characters.

What’s your idea of a fun memorable birthday party for your child? For more parenting tips, you can watch episodes of Teach with Joy or visit Plus Network on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.


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