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While there are restaurants that serve dishes that introduce their customers to the food of other countries, some restaurants cater to customers to want a taste of the food that remind them of home. That is exactly what Tagaytay-based Ka Rey Seafood Sa Kubo Restaurant wants to give to their customers, as it specializes in serving a wide variety of Visayan dishes that it matched by their unique concept and their warm hospitality.

In an episode of Menu, PLS! on Plus Network, Ka Rey Seafood Sa Kubo Restaurant owner and head chef Reyma Policarpio reveals more about her restaurant’s beginnings, their specialty dishes, and how it has been built relationships with customers over the past 10 years. Once customers visit Ka Rey Seafood Sa Kubo Restaurant, they will find service crew greeting them warmly and other customers who are barefoot, which is intended to remind them of the simple life in the province as they enjoy authentic dishes from Visayas. 

Ka Rey Seafood Sa Kubo Restaurant.

After graduating from culinary school, Chef Reyma visited a restaurant in Palawan where the service crew and customers alike walked barefoot and enjoyed eating Filipino dishes, an experience that inspired her to put up her own restaurant. And when it came to the restaurant’s concept, she didn’t have to look far, as she wanted to serve seafood and dishes from her hometown of Samar. Fueled by her passion for cooking, Chef Reyma came up with a list of dishes from Samar that she wanted to bring to Manila and serve to customers, eventually leading to the start of Ka Rey Seafood Sa Kubo Restaurant. 

After a decade, Ka Rey Seafood Sa Kubo Restaurant has gained not just loyal customers, but also established friendships with them over the years, with the restaurant’s staff listening to feedback from their customers to improve their products and treating them like family. Since the restaurant is located in Tagaytay, they also serve dishes that the place is known for, such as bulalo, but make sure to add twists to the recipe that remains true to her hometown of Samar. 

The restaurant’s SVD Ensalada dish (P229).

Regarding their legacy, Chef Reyma wants to make sure that their customers, and especially the younger generation, will remember their unique concept, their service, and their dishes that remind her of home. With her passion for cooking, she believes that even a simple dish prepared with love can be enjoyed by customers. This is exactly what she has applied with Ka Rey Seafood Sa Kubo Restaurant, which reminds customers of the simple life in the province and the taste of home with every dish. 

Ka Rey Seafood sa Kubo Restaurant is located at Aguinaldo Highway, Corner Sixta A.J. Lane, Maitim II East, Tagaytay City. For more information, you can visit their pages on Facebook and Instagram. 

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