Profound + Kitchen – Mexican Cantina: A place for music and food lovers – Menu, PLS! 

Aside from their delicious food, customers also have other reasons as to why they keep coming back to their favorite restaurants, whether it’s the beautiful interiors, the hospitality of the staff, its cozy ambiance, strategic location, or its sentimental value to them.

For the Profound + Kitchen – Mexican Cantina, one reason to keep coming back aside from their sumptuous food is the good music provided by the many vinyl records that are also a part of the restaurant. In an episode of Menu, Pls! on Plus Network, owner Michael Navarra shares more about his restaurant and how it combines two of his passions. 

The restaurant combines the two interests of owner Michael Navarra, who is an avid collector of disc records who started selling his collection. Navarra started Profound + Kitchen – Mexican Cantina back in May 2022, with the restaurant’s name coming from Profound Audio Manila – the record store that he also owns. He decided to keep the branding while adding food, which combines two of his passions. 

Before opening Profound + Kitchen – Mexican Cantina, Navarra worked for different restaurants for many years, and he put his experience to good use once he started his own restaurant. Customer who will visit Profound + Kitchen – Mexican Cantina in Diliman, Quezon City, will get to enjoy not just their signature dishes such as the El Pollo Al Carbon, tacos, chimichanga, and fresh salsa, but also have a chance to listen to and purchase their favorite vinyl records, whether it’s classic rock or the latest pop songs by bestselling artists, a product of Navarra’s desire to continue his passion for cooking and collecting records that he now shares with others. 

Profound + Kitchen – Mexican Cantina is located at 26-B Scout Borromeo St., Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila. For more information, you can visit them on Facebook. 

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