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The start of a new year is a time for people to make resolutions, whether it’s to exercise, travel more, or try new things. And if you happen to be interested in trying new dishes in the kitchen, then award-winning celebrity chef Sau Del Rosario has a recipe that you can easily prepare and cook in the tinapa mousse with truffle.

While Filipinos are no doubt familiar with tinapa, as it is a beloved dish in the country, Del Rosario’s new recipe uses tinapa as an appetizer in a dish that is easy to cook and has a long shelf life. 

Tinapa Mousse with Truffle

– To start, you need to place chopped onion in a cooking pot. Then, add butter to the pot and mix the ingredients. Afterward, you should add tinapa flakes, which will be the main ingredient of the dish. 

Del Rosario says that tinapa is an ingredient that is high on protein and is also versatile as it can be placed in pasta, lumpia, and served as a viand with tomatoes and onions that Filipinos love. He adds that the quality of the tinapa will depend on its source and one should be careful in picking the tilapia to be used in the dish, as its eyes, scales, and smell need to be observed before buying. When the main ingredient of the dish is fresh, the dish will be delicious. 

– After the ingredients have been sautéd, you can add white wine to the mixture to elevate the taste of the tinapa mousse. At this point, the smokiness of the tinapa will come out and you can even put the dish in the refrigerator, giving it longer shelf life. 

– Then, you will add capers, black pepper, and herbs of your choice such as parsley or dill while continuing to mix the ingredients.  

– Afterward, you will add fresh cream to the ingredients, which will give the mousse effect to the dish. You then need to cook the mixture for two minutes until the oil of the fish comes out. Once it does, add salt to the mixture before mixing the ingredients again. 

– The mousse has to be velvety and should melt your mouth, so you need a food processor or blender to mix the ingredients properly until it comes out smooth. 

– Afterward, you will put it in a bottle with a cover. You have the option to serve it chilled, as you can refrigerate it and use it as a spread by placing it on bread. You can also place it in a bowl and serve it hot by adding truffle oil or olive oil before adding a bit of garnish. Once this is done, your tinapa mousse with truffle is ready to be served for you and your family or guests!  

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