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As Filipinos continue to celebrate the holidays, families are still hosting gatherings in their homes, whether it’s with relatives, friends, or neighbors. One way for hosts to prepare for these get-togethers is to set their table to prepare for these special occasions, which is also called tablescaping. 

According to author, wife, and homeschooling mom Joy Mendoza, the table is the centerpiece of all the activities that you will host in your home. Before starting the tablescaping for the next gathering in your home, you will need to plan and prepare the materials to be used and placed on your table. But these materials don’t have to be expensive and can instead be a practical activity that you can do with your family. 

Before starting your tablescaping, you need to research and look for inspiration for the overall look of your table. Then, you need to pick a color palette for your table and the materials that will be placed on it. This is so that you can inform your guests about what color to wear for the occasion if you plan to coordinate the colors for your event. Once you have done your research and determined the color palette, you can start gathering your resources. 

When it comes to gathering resources, you don’t always have to buy, and even when you buy, it doesn’t always have to be expensive. You can also reuse things at home or borrow from friends and neighbors. For instance, in Mendoza’s tablescaping for Christmas in their home, she simply reused some of the resources and borrowed others from her friends. 

One way to make the table more beautiful and elegant is to use fruit as decoration and make your centerpiece edible while also adding flowers and greens. Resources such as plates, vases, cheese boards, candelabras can be borrowed from friends and neighbors to avoid having to buy things just for one occasion and also save you time. 

When it comes to a classic Christmas tablescape, you don’t have to spend too much to spend the Christmas cheer on your table. Once you’ve done your research and picked a color palette, you can start designing your Christmas table. For instance, Mendoza chose to make the color red stand out in her Christmas tablescaping, with gold as an accent color, with an added green color from the leaves. 

The glasses and goblets from her table were borrowed, and the candies she placed in the plates only cost about P200. The candles on the table can also be reused, while decorations from other parts of the house can also be added to the table, such as the pine cones, berries, and the Christmas tree decors. To make the event feel more special and personalized, the hosts can print out the names of their friends and put them in cards on the table. 

This only proves that there are many different kinds of tablescaping depending on the occasion, but it can be done in a sophisticated and beautiful way without having to spend too much. For more tips for the home, you can watch episodes of Teach with Joy or visit Plus Network on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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