Teaching Life Skills for Children At Home

The education of children is not only limited to the classroom, and it’s also important for parents to teach them life skills. These life skills are important to help them become more confident that they can survive and thrive in the world. According to author, wife, and homeschooling mom Joy Mendoza, it is important for parents to teach their children life skills in the context of the home, and identified some essential skills that they need to know: 

1. How to take care of themselves

2. Being street smart

3. Protecting themselves

4. Using computer and software

5. Shopping in a smart way

6. Doing basic carpentry

7. Basic business skills and financial literary

Mendoza identifies several reasons why it is important for our children to learn about these life skills: 

– It teaches them to be independent and to survive on their own

– They need to go out outside their comfort zones

– They need to do things they’re not used to and learn good character traits in the process

– It allows them to make wise choices and better decisions

– They will feel more confident to go out into the world and face new challenges

While it can be challenging to integrate and teach these life skills in a homeschooling setup, Mendoza says that it can be done if parents talk to their children about it. Another way to do it is by letting them participate and become problem fixers themselves instead of constantly relying on others. She also cites examples through which she was able to teach her children basic cooking and carpentry skills by having them do fun activities together. 

Finally, Mendoza says that teaching children the life skill of money management is important, as it teaches them important values at a young age such as hard work, responsibility, problem-solving, communication, and marketing. These life skills may not always be taught within the four walls of the classroom. But with parents taking on a more active role in their children’s education through homeschooling, this is something that can teach to help them be successful and to thrive in the world.

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