My Wife, My Best Friend: A Mother’s Day Tribute

Danny with his wife, Fanny

The saying “Behind every successful man is a woman” is so true in my life. Using the acronym, MOTHER, I want to appreciate my best friend, the wonderful mother of my children, and my caregiver — God’s wonderful gift to me.

Mother: one word means so much. It means sacrifice. It means patience. It means love. Nothing can be like a Mother’s love for her children.

Obedient to God. She spends her days faithfully praying for her husband, children, family and friends, and obeys God in both good times and bad.

Taking care of me non-stop, my wife ensures my psoriasis is under control — carefully preparing my food, making sure I take my supplements, and applying coconut oil on me to make sure my skin does not dry out.

Humility. She is the same person and continues to have the same heart despite going from a life of humble beginnings to a life of means.

Encourager. Being able to get one person to appreciate another through a simple description is a wonderful gift few people have. It is amazing how I was able to appreciate many people through Fanny’s description of who they are. In addition, Fanny is able to encourage others to go for their passion.

Relationships. I admire my wife so much for the way she disciples people, prays for them, teaches them to hide God’s Word in their hearts, and walks alongside them in their personal journeys.

To my wife, Fanny: Thank you for being my best friend and the person with whom I share my life, my thoughts, and my passions!

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