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Summer is the best time to try fun activities, whether it’s a new sport or hobby. For those who are trying to reach their fitness goals, there are many types of workouts that you can try with your family. One workout that produces quick results and strengthens your core and muscles is cardio kickboxing. 

According to entrepreneur, digital content creator, and fitness guide Marie Field-Faith, doing cardio exercises is a good way to take care of our hearts. Other workout benefits of cardio kickboxing include developing a stronger core, toning up muscles, improving flexibility, building stamina, and reducing stress. 

In an episode of Let’s Get Physical on PLUS Network, Field-Faith shares different combinations of cardio kickboxing workouts that you can do with your family. Before doing this workout, you need an open space, towel, and water for hydration. If you are doing the exercise with a child, make sure that you supervise them. And finally, it’s important to do proper warmups before doing the workouts to prepare our muscles. 

Combo 1: Jab – Cross – Kick

To begin this workout, get into a fighting stance and put one foot forward, one leg back, and both arms on guard and covering your face. Then, do a jab and throw a straight punch, but don’t lock up your elbows, Afterward, bring back the hand to guard your face, then move on with the cross and throw your other hand for a punch. Make sure to release one foot when doing the cross and get the power of your punch from your core. Finally, move your hand back to guard your face and brace yourself for the kick with one leg and go back to your fighting stance and remain on guard.

Combo 2: Uppercut – Uppercut

To start this workout, you need to be in a fighting stance. Then, do an uppercut with one hand, followed by another uppercut with the same hand. Then do a hook punch with your other hand, Afterward, do a hook punch with the other hand, then finish the combination with a knee. Make sure to use some power when you bring the one to end the combination.

Combo 3: 2 jumps – 4 kicks – 2 squats – low kick – high kick

To begin this workout, start by standing upright while keeping a guard position with your hands. Then, you will do two jumps while raising both hands while maintaining a guard position. Then, you will do four kicks with one leg and two squats while maintaining your hands in a guard position. Finally, you will shift into a fighting stance for a low kick and a high kick using your other leg.

You will do four sets of all workouts for 20 seconds for one side, then 20 seconds for another side followed by 10 seconds of rest. After the workout, do some stretching to cool down to avoid straining your muscles. 

Cardio kickboxing is a full-body workout that you can do with your family and will help you achieve your fitness goals. For more fitness tips, you can watch episodes of Let’s Get Physical or visit Plus Network on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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