Secrets to a Merry Christmas

Some secrets are too good not to share. For this reason, we are grateful to Mrs. Marie Bonifacio and CSM for allowing us to reprint this article. Originally titled “When It Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas”, this article first appeared in 2016 and was later published into a devotional book, Secrets My Father Told Me (CSM, 2017).


Common to all human beings are things people constantly seek after, wait for, and long to find. But who likes waiting? Do you? Advent celebration begins this Sunday, December 3. Are you ready to start a new family tradition? As promised, here is the first in a series of devotionals your family can gather over and ponder on, every Sunday until December 24. May we rejoice in the blessing of Christmas!

Recapturing the Maligayang Pasko Spirit

How do we capture or recapture the Christmas feeling, the magic in our hearts and minds? There are many ways in which generations have prepared themselves in celebrating God’s gift of Christmas. One of the most significant ways to do this is by celebrating the Advent.