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When people go on vacation, their priority is usually to rest and relax as they spend time away from work and enjoy the company of their family or friends. But for some people, their idea of going on vacation is going on a hike, trying a new water sport, and going on an adventure. And for people who fall into the latter category, Adventure Cove Subic Bay is one place for them to stay, as it is located just a few hours away from Metro Manila and gives them a chance to try out different activities to enjoy and boost their endorphins! 

In an episode of Plus Travels on Plus Media, Joann Rosales, General Manager of Adventure Cover Subic Bay, reveals some of the activities that guests can do at the facility as well as the rates of the rooms where they can stay. According to Rosales, Adventure Cove Subic Bay opened in February last year and got its name because the camping grounds itself is shaped like a cove. Of course, the name also fits because it also allows visitors to enjoy different activities and go on adventures. The camping grounds is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm daily and can accommodate a maximum of 200-250 people, and they accept day tour guests, overnight guests, while also hosting special events like weddings and debuts. 

The stunning view of Subic Bay from Adventure Cove Subic Bay.

For guests who want  to stay overnight at Adventure Cove Subic Bay, they have several rooms that were converted from trailers into comfortable places for visitors to sleep in. Cove 1 and Cove 2 can accommodate two people and costs P2,800 a night, while Cove 3 is good for two to four people and costs P3,600 a night. Cove 4, meanwhile, is good for four to five people and costs P4,200 a night, while Cove 5 is also good for two to four people and costs P3,300 a night. 

Aside from the rooms, other amenities inside Adventure Cove Subic Bay include a bar, which is also the area where weddings and debuts are held. For adventure-seekers, some of the activities that people can enjoy include kayaking, snorkeling, mangrove tour, and trekking and hiking, making sure that guests can not only enjoy a beautiful view of Subic Bay, but also engage in physical activities to pump up their adrenaline! 

The bar at Adventure Cove Subic Bay, where special events like weddings and debuts are held.

Adventure Cove is located at Ilanin Road, Camayan Wharf Road, Subic Bay, Freeport Zone, 2222

For more information, you can visit their page on Facebook or call (047) 252-8000 for inquiries and reservations. Other places to visit in Subic include the Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel and Ocean Adventure

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