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With the arrival of the summer season in the Philippines, people are no doubt looking for the perfect destination for their next getaway. But few destinations are guaranteed to satisfy people of all ages than Ocean Adventure in Subic Bay.

In an episode of Plus Travels on Plus Media, Ryan Rodriguez, Ocean Adventure’s Zoological Operations Manager, shared some of the impressive features of the marine park, the passion that they have for animals, and why animal lovers and adventure seekers of all ages should visit the park. 

The Dolphin Show, one of the main attractions in Ocean Adventure.

According to Rodriguez, Ocean Adventure measures 36,000 square meters, which means that there’s plenty of room for visitors inside the marine park, even during peak season. Once it opened on October 25, 2000, Ocean Adventure became the first open water marine park in Southeast Asia, and more than two decades later, it remains one of the premiere attractions in Subic Bay.

Visitors of Ocean Adventure will have the opportunity to watch three premiere presentations: the Wild World Show, which showcases different land animals and birds, Dolphin Friends, and Sea Lion Marine Patrol. Aside from these presentations, guests will also have a chance to visit Voyager Aquarium, which features different species of fish, different diving equipment, and the locations of shipwrecks in the area, or drop by the Fish Spa to relax their feet while enjoying a beautiful view of Subic Bay. 

The Sea Lion Marine Patrol, another premiere attraction in Ocean Adventure.

But more than being a marine park, Ocean Adventure is also a sanctuary for animals. Dr. Leo Suarez, Animal Care Manager and Veterinarian at Ocean Adventure, says that the park has rescued all sorts of marine and terrestrial animals over the years. Among the most common marine animals that they have rescued are sea turtles and dolphins. Unfortunately, Dr. Suarez says that some of the sea turtles they have rescued suffer from impacted gut because of trash ingestion, while many dolphins have fallen victim to dynamite fishing. It is the belief of Dr. Suarez and Ocean Adventure that when animals become stranded, they should have a chance to live again, and they have, in turn, also trained other veterinarians and first responders to give these animals a second chance at life. 

Aside from giving their guests a chance to see different marine and land animals, Ocean Adventure has also played a big role in marine mammal rescue in the Philippines. According to Rodriguez, the secret to this is that the staff of the marine park have the passion to care for these animals, and have the patience that is needed when working with them. And their love for these animals is the fuel that keeps Ocean Adventure going more than two decades after it started, as it continues to be a favorite destination among animal lovers from all over the country!

The Voyager Aquarium, which features different fish species, diving equipment, and details about shipwrecks.

Ocean Adventure Subic Bay Philippines is located at Ocean Adventure Approach Road, Ilanin Forest West, Subic Bay, Freeport Zone, 2222 Bataan

For more information, you can visit their pages on Facebook, Instagram, or their website. 

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