Plus Network: The New Online Channel for Your Family

A new ally in building godly homes is coming your way.

The modern world prides itself with the ability to “keep up” with the acceleration of technology. But in our mission to chase after time, we forget the importance of living with the times. We forget the values that we hold dear, the strength of the connections we build, and the authenticity of our faith.

Just like Familywise Asia’s mission to create a values-oriented community for our families, Plus Network takes you to the new generation of visual entertainment with Christian values.

Featuring your stories with inspiring personalities, they have everything for everyone in the family: Lifestyle, Entertainment, Leadership, and Sports. From extracurricular, career-related, and lifestyle activities, Plus Network is your visual resource on learning, entertaining, and bettering yourself. Hang out with Chef Sau, Venus Raj, Edric Mendoza, Quest, Meggie Ochoa, and other personalities at the comfort of your own space and at your own leisure. Better yet, watch with the whole family!



Plus Network launches March 2020 at

See you there!

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