Rafael’s Tapas Bar & Restaurant: Using food and art to bring people together – Menu, Pls!

In an episode of Menu, Pls! on Plus Network, owner Henjie Carmona shares his love for food and how he wants the customers of Rafael’s Tapas Bar & Restaurant to feel the same way whenever he eats.

PLUS Network partnership with HCG Philippines for new show, exciting content

And those who want to know about how they can turn their bathrooms into comfortable and safe spaces for the whole family, HCG Philippines has partnered with Plus Network for an exciting new show that will give viewers hacks and tips to improve their bathrooms.

FamilyWise Asia establishes partnership with Plus Network

FamilyWise Asia will join forces with a new partner to provide digital content that helps parents and homeowners better cater to the needs of their families. Plus Network, an online video content platform that showcases inspiring, relevant, and meaningful content, has established a partnership with FamilyWise Asia to showcase stories that will address the different … Read more