Lost Villa: A resort that celebrates the beauty of Quezon – and the Philippines – Plus Travels

In an episode of Plus Travels on Plus Network, owner Sandy Jones Pilarca shares the origins of the Lost Villa, the resort’s amenities, and the inspiration for its unique decors.

SideQuest Cafe + Hobby Lounge: Where pop culture and good food meet – Menu, PLS!

In an episode of Menu, PLS! on Plus Network, Courtney Sayson, managing partner of SideQuest: Cafe + Hobby Lounge, shared how their business got started, their decision to expand the restaurant’s menu, and their relationship with their loyal customers.

Ka Rey Seafood sa Kubo Restaurant: A taste of Visayas in Tagaytay – Menu, PLS!

In an episode of Menu, PLS! on Plus Network, Ka Rey Seafood Sa Kubo Restaurant owner and head chef Reyma Policarpio reveals more about her restaurant’s beginnings, their specialty dishes, and how it has been built relationships with customers over the past 10 years.

Tivoli Royale Country Club: A delightful, healthy dining experience – Menu, PLS!

In an episode of Menu, PLS! on Plus Network, Chef Emmanuel Jonnel Roxas, executive chef of the Tivoli Royale Country Club, shares his experiences and gives us a preview of the finest offerings of their restaurant that is attracting both club members and non-club members.

Lost Villa: A relaxing resort featuring Quezon’s signature pancit habhab – Menu, PLS!

In an episode of Menu, PLUS! on Plus Network, Lost Villa owner Sandy Jones Pilarca shares not just the interior of the tropical-themed resort that people can enjoy, but also the recipe and secret to creating the signature pancit habhab dish from your own home! 

Rafael’s Tapas Bar & Restaurant: Using food and art to bring people together – Menu, Pls!

In an episode of Menu, Pls! on Plus Network, owner Henjie Carmona shares his love for food and how he wants the customers of Rafael’s Tapas Bar & Restaurant to feel the same way whenever he eats.

PLUS Network partnership with HCG Philippines for new show, exciting content

And those who want to know about how they can turn their bathrooms into comfortable and safe spaces for the whole family, HCG Philippines has partnered with Plus Network for an exciting new show that will give viewers hacks and tips to improve their bathrooms.