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For many years, toys have given joy not just to kids, but also to adults who want to return to their inner childhood and seek comfort from their favorite toys. Here in the country, there are many adults who collect toys, such as Legos, Barbies, and Funko Pops, which have spawned stores that sell toys and other collectibles. One of these stores is SideQuest: Cafe + Hobby Lounge, which is located in Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons in Pasig City. 

But what makes it different from other toy stores is that it also serves good food to their loyal customers, who can shop and play to their heart’s content while taking a bite from a delicious  dish or a sip from their favorite drink. In an episode of Menu, PLS! on Plus Network, Courtney Sayson, managing partner of SideQuest: Cafe + Hobby Lounge, shared how their business got started, their decision to expand the restaurant’s menu, and their relationship with their loyal customers.

SideQuest: Cafe + Hobby Lounge’s Creamy Carbonara (P210).

 According to Sayson,  SideQuest: Cafe + Hobby Lounge was first conceptualized during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a toy collector herself, she was aware that toy, games, and related hobbies  never really went away, and the demand for it has only gotten stronger. When their toy store opened, she was proven right, as they established loyal customers. She adds that the Estancia branch of SideQuest: Cafe + Hobby Lounge attracts families in particular, especially given the country’s mall culture. Eventually, the toy community not only shopped, but also played inside their store.

After initially serving only pasta, SideQuest: Cafe + Hobby Lounge gradually expanded their menu to include other snacks like luncheon fritters, french fries, Mozarella cheese, sandwiches, and rice meals. If their customers request for certain types of meals, they listen and incorporate these meals to their menu. As for the toy collections inside their store, some of them include Funko Pops of different kinds, including anime, movies, and Genshin Impact toys. They also sell NBA cards, comic books, die-cast toys, and Pokemon cards, which Sayson says reflects her own favorites.

SideQuest: Cafe + Hobby Lounge’s Luncheon Fritters (P150) and Triple Cheese Panini (P170).

As the first-ever coffee shop and toy store in the country, Sayson says that SideQuest: Cafe + Hobby Lounge has two permanent promos for their customers that perfectly represent their restaurant. One such promo entitles customers who buy a Funko Pop in the store a free brewed coffee, which can be upgraded to a hot or an iced drink. The other promo is the Sip and Pop, which gives customers a free Funko Pop if they buy drinks and complete all the stamps required, which is what some of their customers do to start their own Funko Pop collections. 

Sayson ends by saying that when their customers enter SideQuest: Cafe + Hobby Lounge, they want them to experience a culmination of everything pop culture, hobbies, and games, all while enjoying a tasty meal and drink! 

Some of the toys inside SideQuest Cafe + Hobby Lounge.

SideQuest: Cafe + Hobby Lounge is located at 3rd Floor, East Wing, Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Pasig City. For more information, you can visit their pages on Facebook and Instagram. 

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