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The Lost Villa stands out among many resorts in the country. That’s because it not only brings visitors closer to nature and showcases the beauty of Lopez, Quezon, but also celebrates culture of the different parts of the Philippines. Since he began sharing his travels and experiences to his viewers, Sandy Jones Pilarca, also known as Lost Juan, the owner of Lost Villa, eventually made it his advocacy to promote the beauty of the Philippines in his content. 

And the creation of the Lost Villa seems like a natural extension of this advocacy, as it treats tourists and visitors to a relaxing stay while celebrating the country’s beauty. In an episode of Plus Travels on Plus Network, Pilarca shares the origins of the Lost Villa, the resort’s amenities, and the inspiration for its unique decors.

The Lost Villa’s relaxing swimming pool.

Pilarca shares that the Lost Villa was initially intended to be a resort that only catered to his family members. Eventually, they decided to open it to the public to give visitors a chance to enjoy the municipality of Lopez, Quezon and be one with nature during their stay. But this change meant that their initial designs for the resort will have to be modified to accommodate the public. 

And when it came to looking for inspiration, Pilarca didn’t have to look far, as his years of experience traveling to different destinations and resorts all over the Philippines inspired him to improve Lost Villa and reflect the country’s beauty and celebrate its culture. Today, the Lost Villa can accommodate up to 20 guests, and has provisions such as rooms, a swimming pool, bar, and other facilities. 

Upon entering the resort, visitors will be greeted not just with the resort’s relaxing pool, the surrounding trees, and beautiful interiors, but also by the unique decor that Pilarca said was inspired by the different destinations that he has visited all over the country over the years. For instance, the colorful banigs that hang inside the rooms come all the way from Basilan, which were made by the Tausug people. 

One of the rooms inside the Lost Villa.

A visit to the Lost Villa, which is only a few hours away from Metro Manila in Lopez, Quezon, not only gives visitors a chance to escape from the city’s hustle and bustle, but also gives them a glimpse of the beauty of the province and see the country’s diverse cultures which is reflected in every part of the resort. 

The Lost Villa is located at Barangay Lourdes, Lopez, Quezon. For more information, you can visit them on Facebook or Instagram.  

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