Lost Villa: A relaxing resort featuring Quezon’s signature pancit habhab – Menu, PLS!

For those looking to enjoy a vacation away from the city, the Lost Villa offers not just beautiful amenities, but also delicious meals, including their own version of the pancit habhab, one of the signature dishes of Quezon Province. 

In an episode of Menu, PLUS! on Plus Network, Lost Villa owner Sandy Jones Pilarca shares not just the interior of the tropical-themed resort that people can enjoy, but also the recipe and secret to creating the signature pancit habhab dish from your own home! 

The pancit habhab is one of the signature dishes of Quezon province, and people usually eat this tasty dish not with utensils, but with banana leaves and a serving of vinegar, creating its distinct taste. 

The Lost Villa’s version of the Pancit Habhab.

Pancit Habhab Ingredients: Miki Lucban (dry), pork belly thinly sliced and chopped, beef broth, shrimp (optional), sliced pig’s liver, sliced chayote, bok choy or pechay, snap pea or snow pea, shredded carrots, sliced onion, crushed garlic, cooking oil, soy sauce, ground black pepper, banana leaf (cleaned and cut into 5×5 pieces)

Lost Villa has their own version of the pancit habhab depending on the preference of their customers, who have the option of having shrimp or no shrimp in their dish. By going to the tropical-themed resort, which is just 4-5 hours away from Manila, people will find not just a place for relaxation, but also get a chance to savor their own spin on one of Quezon’s signature dishes! 

The Lost Villa is located at Barangay Lourdes, Lopez, Quezon. For more information, you can visit them on Facebook or Instagram.  

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