Powder Rooms – Bringing more comfort and elegance to your home – Bathroom Redefined

if you’re a homeowner who frequently welcomes guests such as family, friends, and colleagues into your house and have their comfort in mind, you may want to consider adding a powder room to your home. 

Powder rooms are similar to bathrooms, as they are considered half-bathrooms and contain two major components in a complete bathroom: the lavatory and the toilet bowl. But one difference between powder rooms and bathrooms is that the former is primarily intended for guests, and is usually located on the first floor of a residence, where it can be easily found and used. Aside from giving your guests comfort, a powder room will also add more elegance to your home. In an episode of Bathroom Redefined on Plus Network, we take a look at what homeowners should consider before adding a powder room to their homes.  

According to interior designer Shiela Marie Cepe-Quitquit, an active member of the Philippine Institute of Interior Design, one challenge that designers encounter when it comes to powder rooms is the space. Homeowners need to consider the space that they will be utilizing for their powder room can accommodate the fixtures and accessories that are needed for a powder room. One way that designers address this issue is by adding large mirrors to make powder rooms look bigger. 

Shiela Marie Cepe-Quitquit adds that it is a combination of the right color, texture, accent, and right choice of bathroom fixtures that will make the total package of an effective and aesthetically pleasing powder room. The wallpaper and lighting help set the mood, while the bathroom fixtures and accessories complete the look of the powder room. 

A dilemma that designers encounter is finding the right combination of bathroom fixtures including the toilet bowl, lavatory, faucet, and other accessories. Fortunately, HCG Philippines can provide a different combination of bathroom fixtures and accessories to suit the different tastes of homeowners. 

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