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In a previous episode, host and travel vlogger Chrysta Shayne Funcion took us to different places we must visit in Baguio. In a new episode of Hello Shayne, she’ll take us Cafe and Coffee Shop Hopping in Baguio. This list is perfect for people who can’t live without coffee!

1. Cafe by The Ruins – This iconic cafe has a fancy ambiance that promotes local products. You can order their coffee, tsokolate, and pair it with their best-seller kamote bread and homemade spread. 

Tip: This cafe can be a bit crowded because of its popularity. If you want to avoid the long line, the best time to visit is during Merienda Time. 

Cafe by The Ruins is located at 25 Shuntug Road, Baguio.

2. Foam Cafe Baguio – If you’re looking for an aesthetic and Instagrammable place that also serves delicious coffee, this place is for you. Foam Cafe is a minimalist East Asian-inspired cafe. This is highly recommended to Kdrama fans! They are best known for their Artisan Donuts. However, you better hurry up and go early because they might be sold out!

Foam Cafe Baguio is located at Shuntug Road, Baguio.

3. Highland Brew – If you want to enjoy a cup of coffee with a sunset view, go to Highland Brew! This place offers a stunning view of Baguio City. Another interesting fact about this coffee shop is its menu! All their coffees are named after mountains in the Cordillera region. One of their best sellers is Mount Kalugong Caramel Flan- it’s similar to an iced caramel macchiato but with a twist, as it comes with Leche Flan. Caramel Macchiato and Leche Flan in a drink?- It’s like the best of both worlds!

Highland Brew is located at SM City, Sky Terrace, Level 3, Luneta Hill Dr, Baguio.

4. Read and Brew Cafe and Library – Since the pandemic, we were introduced to a remote work set-up. One great thing about it is we can bring our work as we travel. R & B Cafe is a good place to be if you need to take a break from touring around and submit a document or attend a meeting. Aside from its coffee and food, this cafe is a conducive and convenient place to work. It has everything you might need- wifi, plugs, standing desks, etc. 

Read and Brew Cafe and Library is located at Porta Vaga Mall (Roof-deck) near Baguio Cathedral, Baguio.

5. Arca’s Yard – This place is an American-style 3-story home turned into a museum and cafe. They have a place where guests can work or an activity area for the kids. If you’re looking for a cafe where you can meditate, relax, and just enjoy the Baguio weather, this cafe is for you.  

Arca’s Yard is located at  777 Tiptop City Limit, Ambuklao Road, Baguio.

6. Guest Haven – This coffee shop is a hidden gem that can be found along the busy Session Road. It is a small and quiet place that gives a nice view of the busy streets of Baguio. Its interior design seems to transport you to a different time and gives an old Parisian vibe. Moreover, guests say they make delicious cappuccinos! Try getting a set on the balcony to enjoy the view. 

Guest Haven is located at Fr. Carlu St Room 305 Patria de Baguio, Session Rd, Baguio.

7. Tsokolateria – This cafe is more known for its tsokolate than its coffee but it still deserves a spot on this list. Their chocolate drinks are to die for, you’d wish you’d brought pandesal to pair with it. This place is a haven for chocolate lovers. The place also has a nice overview of the hillside and you can enjoy the cool breeze when seated near the window.

Tsokolateria Artisinal Cafe is located at Upper Session Road, Baguio.

8. Panagbenga Park – This place is smaller and lesser known compared to Burnham and Mine’s View. It provides a great view of greenery and different flowers. This is also the most budget-friendly coffee on this list. For just Php 30, you can already enjoy a big mug of brewed coffee. There is also a butterfly garden that costs Php 25. 

Panagbenga Park is located at 231, Baguio, Benguet

Hatch Coffee, Cafe De Angelo, and Il-Lengan Cafe are also some honorable mentions that must be visited on your next Baguio Trip. 

The world seems to slow down when we drink coffee. Coffee also brings us together. When someone asks “Tara, Kape Tayo!”, it’s as if that person is telling us that we matter to them because they want to spend time with us. We hope that this list helps you enjoy the present and spend time with your loved ones with a hot cup of Baguio coffee in the cool weather. 

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