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Baguio is one of the places in the Philippines that we always want to go back to. No matter how many times we have been to the Summer Capital of the Philippines, it seems like we still can’t get enough of it all year round! 

In an episode of Hello Shayne on Plus Network, host and travel vlogger Crystha Shayne Funcion explores and rediscovers the beautiful sights and restaurants – new and old, and meets the wonderful people of Baguio!

1. Tam-Awan Village – Also known as “Garden In The Sky”, this place allows tourists to learn and experience the arts, culture, and traditions of the Cordillerans. There is a craft shop in the village where we can see and buy Cordilleran clothes, accessories, and decorations.

Tip: Take time to read the labels, appreciate the art, and talk to the locals! Make sure to also wear comfortable shoes great for climbing since it can get slippery and steep as you trek.

Just beside Tam-Awan Village is Farmer’s Daughter Restaurant which serves authentic Cordilleran food at a very affordable price. Ms. Shane recommends their smoked meat!

Tam-Awan Village is located at 366-C Long Long Benguet Road, Baguio. The entrance fee is Php 60 for adults, Php 40 for students, and Php 30 for children below 10 years old. Children three years old and below may enter for free.

2. Mirador Heritage and Eco Park – No need to travel to Japan to see the Bamboo Forest. We have it here and so much more in Mirador Eco Park! As you trek going to the view deck, you can take some breaks and snap photos with your family and friends in their rock gardens, peace memorial, nipa huts, and Japanese torii gate. The view from the top of Mirador is breathtaking, especially during sunset. 

Mirador Park is located at Mirador Hill, Baguio City, Benguet, near the famous Lourdes Grotto. The entrance fee is P100 pesos for adults. Children below 12 years old may enter for free. 

3. Ben Cab Museum – This place houses the permanent collection of  Philippine National Artist Benedicto Cabrera (better known as Ben Cab). Within the museum are galleries that highlight BenCab’s paintings, sculptures, prints, and drawings. The smaller exhibitions showcase BenCab’s accumulated artwork collection through the years. 

What makes this particular museum extra special is the nature surrounding it. To appreciate the beauty of the place, you can grab a coffee from Cafe Isabel in the basement of the museum as it overlooks the mountains, garden, and pond. 

Note: Taking pictures is allowed but taking videos is prohibited.

Ben Cab Museum is located at Km. 6 Asin Road, Tuba, 2603 Benguet. The admission fee costs Php 150 for adults, Php 120 for students, and Php 100 for Senior Citizens and PWDs. 

4. Botanical Garden – Tourists share that they find this place relaxing while eating Strawberry Taho and taking a walk. For only Php 10, you can see beautiful flowers and lush greens, and take Instagrammable pictures. This place is a nice contrast to the surrounding busy urban city. 

The Botanical Garden is located at 37 Leonard Wood Rd, Baguio, 2600 Benguet. The entrance fee is Php 10 for and Php 5 for children.

5. Night Market – Never miss a chance to go to the Night Market because no matter how often you’ve been there, you’re still in for a surprise. Cheap thrift clothes, souvenirs, footwear, accessories, food- you name it! The Night Market has it for you! 

The Night Market is located at Harrison Rd, Baguio, Benguet beside Burnham Park. The stalls are open from 9:00 pm to 4:00 am.

6. Roofdeck Kitchen by Baguio Mountain Man – If you want a unique dining experience, you can book a private dinner at this restaurant. One of Esquire’s best restaurants of 2022, Roof Deck Kitchen serves Cordilleran dishes and products. They also make their menu very personal as they base them on their guests’ preferences. You will surely have a night to remember!

To book a reservation, you can reach them through their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/baguiomountainman/

7. Session Road – Try going on a Sunday! It feels like a cultural and arts festival as you stroll along this famous road. There are buskers, street art, cosplayers, food, and souvenir stalls to enjoy. 

What we love most about Baguio is not just the delicious food and the attractive tourist spots, but most especially the simplicity of life there. In spite of its cool weather, traveling to Baguio is similar to getting a warm hug from an old familiar friend.

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