Rainy Season Reminders

Photo by nicollazzi xiong from Pexels

Looks like the rainy season is back! Here are a few reminders to keep you and your children safe.

Always keep a go bag available and accessible to the entire family. Pack some basic clothes and shoes, emergency supplies, photos of family members and pets for identification purposes, and any special-needs items for children, seniors or disabled family members. Your first aid kid should be beside your go bag as well.

Aside from these, here are other standard rainy season advice to keep your families safe!

Given the Philippine climate, our rainy days can immediately turn into typhoon days. It’s important to always be on alert and to make sure your children are constantly protected. Make sure they hydrate well and that their vaccines are up-to-date. Equip them with basic raingear like raincoats, rainboots, and strong umbrellas that aren’t too big for their statures.

Take note of the emergency hotlines within your regions at this link.

God bless and take care!

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