What are some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions? 

For many people, a new year means a fresh start, and a fresh start means having resolutions. There are many resolutions that people make at the start of each year, but it takes a lot of dedication and commitment to follow through on those resolutions and accomplish them for an entire year. But as people write down their goals before the start of another year, some resolutions are more popular than others, and you may find yourself having the same goals as other people. Here are some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions: 

1. Exercising More/Losing Weight – The Christmas season is filled with gatherings and parties with our friends and family, which oftentimes include a healthy serving of sumptuous food. So it’s not surprising that at the start of each new year, the most common resolution that people list down is to exercise more. If you find it challenging to start running, cycling, or hitting the gym, it helps to have a friend join you as you exercise. Having trackers and other gadgets to monitor your progress will also help as you try to reach your fitness goals. 

2. Healthier Diet – Aside from exercising more, another popular resolution is a healthier diet. There are a lot of people who order fast food, which is not only more expensive but also takes a toll on our health. Cooking at home is not only more affordable, but it is also healthier, as you can choose healthier food options to cook, although it will require more effort. One tip is to look for recipes online to avoid the trouble of planning meals for an entire week, making it easier to accomplish this resolution. 

3. Save More and Spend Less – Another staple of the holiday season is gift-giving, which can also take a toll on our bank account, which is why saving more and spending less is also a popular New Year’s resolution. One way to accomplish this is by setting a weekly or monthly budget and then looking for ways to cut costs and increase your revenue streams. By checking our money habits and changing some of them, you can also save more and spend less and accomplish this resolution by the end of the year.  

4. Spending More Time with Family and Friends – Since COVID-19 restrictions have been eased, people have gone back to their normal lives, which includes spending more time in the office. Unfortunately, this also means spending less time with their family and loved ones. By setting aside time each week to meet a friend or relative or by having meetings on Zoom or Google Meet with distant friends and family, you can spend more time with them and accomplish this particular goal. 

5. Spending Less Time on Social Media – It seems as if everyone is on social media these days, whether they are posting family pictures on Facebook, their latest travels on Instagram, or their musings on Twitter. There’s a fear of missing out on our friends’ latest activities once we leave social media, but it’s all about reclaiming your time and setting boundaries. You can try turning off notifications that are not important or deleting social media apps or setting short time periods during which you can browse social media to accomplish this resolution. 

6. Learning a New Hobby or Skill – The start of learning a new skill or hobby will likely be challenging and time-consuming, but it will ultimately be rewarding. There are many new skills and hobbies you can take up that will be worth your time. Learning a new language,  cooking, gardening, and trying a new sport are just some examples, and the trick is to start small, before building on bigger goals as you work towards accomplishing new goals and mastering this new skill or hobby. 

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