A Tribute To Our First Teachers

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Parents have the ultimate privilege and responsibility of being their children’s first teachers. They are the first window their children have to the wonders of the outside world.

We asked our Familywise Asia community what they learned from their parents before they entered formal schooling. Here are their answers:

“Makuntento at magpasalamat kung ano ang nakahain sa lamesa. Matuto sa gawaing bahay. Maging mabait at magalang. Magmano sa nakatatanda.”

– Omega Allanigui-Paguirigan


“My parents taught me the value of selfless love by giving importance to others before self.”

– Maeyeth Cayabyab-Cadungog


“My beloved Tatay taught me to be extremely careful in choosing friends.”

– Ron Manalo


“They taught me to stand up for myself. They also taught me to be gentle, especially to girls, and to be respectful. Speak if you want to be heard. Share what you have.”

– Mark Tito


“They taught me the ABCs, colors, and good values.

– Kristel Evangelista



– Mali


“My parents taught me the values of self-respect first and foremost. They also taught me that it was important to show love and respect for others.”

– Julius Uy


“They taught me not to be a sore loser, because I used to cry a lot during kiddie parties.”

– Francis Pato


“Until now, they instill in our minds values which, to me and my five other siblings, are treasures. First, the value of sharing. Whoever has the most should be the one to share the most without expecting anything in return. Second, respect one another like doing that is imperative as breathing. Third, acceptance of God’s will no matter how tough things get. Overall, it’s the value of love. After all, the two commandments say, Love God and love thy neighbor.”

– Alexis Revilla


“They taught me to tell the truth, even if there might be consequences, because truth sets free.”

– Maricar


“My parents taught me greetings, saying thank you and sorry, and proper eating etiquette. They taught me to be thankful for whatever is served on the table, and not be a picky eater.”

– Midori Yamamoto Mata


“Sleep early and eat sinigang.”

– Carol Miranda


“My parents taught me to live life and teach by showing not by telling.”

– Yvonne Palomar Castro


“They taught me that we should save up and spend only what we have, that a simple life is a good life.”

– Celia Ferrer

This coming Teachers’ Day, remember to also thank our first teachers – our parents.

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