How to Make Working at Home Work for You

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The Internet has changed the way we live. One significant change involves our work.
Today, parents who want to spend more time with their children can find online jobs and earn money without leaving home. Some can put up home-based businesses or become home-based professionals. Here are tips to help you make working at home work for you.

“Why work at home?” This is a question you need to answer. Many mothers choose to work at home to take care of their husband and children. Others do so to give special attention to an ailing parent or special child. A work-at-home set up may also be ideal for wives whose working husbands are assigned to different places from time to time. Be clear about why you want to work at home because this will affect your decision-making and motivate you especially when doubts and difficulties arise. For example, concentrating on work could be a challenge when children are noisy and irritable. Working online for a client from a different time zone may force you to work at night rather than during daytime. Working at home is not always easy but it has its rewards, like seeing your child’s progress and managing your home while also earning some money.

Open up to your spouse and children about your desire to work at home. Discuss with your spouse the pros and cons of working at home. Your partner’s perspective is not only important, but his or her support is also invaluable. Inform older children why you will be working at home. If your reason is to be available to them most of the time to meet their needs, make it known to them as this will also make them feel loved and cared for.    

Recognize the adjustments that you need to make. If you used to work in a corporate setup, your environment will now change. But now maybe you could apply some of the things you learned from working in an office into working in your own home. You may not earn the same salary, but you may enjoy other perks like more time to travel with the family. If your home-based business does not pick up sooner than you expected, don’t give up too soon. Wait and give yourself the opportunity to grow and learn from others. Most of the time being flexible and modifying your expectations help us not only to survive but to thrive.

Know the ropes of your business. Research on the home-based business you want to put up before investing your hard-earned money. Attend seminars and workshops on the area of your interest. Do a Google search about online jobs you can do from home. Be familiar with trends and network with those who are in the field. Remember that even if you work from home, you may still need to register your home-based business with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and comply with the requirements of your local government. If you freelance, you have to pay your SSS, Philhealth, and other dues as a self-employed. 

Acquire marketable skills and develop positive attitudes. Keep upgrading the skills required in your work and acquire new ones. You can find free tutorials online or enroll in short-term courses. If you are considering working online, you need to upgrade your computer skills and learn how to use apps and software particular to an industry. Being patient, proactive, resourceful, teachable, resilient, and excellent are attitudes that employers and clients are looking for so be sure to cultivate them. Websites like Upwork, LinkedIn, and Freelancer are some places to find online work. 

Think of ways to maximize your time. Identify areas where you can multi-task, but be sure to focus on things that require concentration. You can’t fry a fish while being interviewed via Skype by a potential client. Also, be clear about your priorities. Keeping a things-to-do list or calendar helps you to be on the right track. Determine what time during the day you will allot for work and don’t miss time together with the family. Let your spouse and older children or teens know about your work so as a family you can figure out a good arrangement at home.

Humor is important. Taking care of your family and working at the same time can be tiring. Beat stress with laughter. Have fun with your kids. Watch a comedy film with your spouse. Laugh at your mistakes and then learn from them.

Organize your home office or work space. Even if you are free to work in your kitchen or bedroom, it’s good to have a space or corner in your home where you can keep your supplies, tools, and equipment. Your home may be your work space, but it is first of all a place for your family so make it cozy. An organized work space also helps you to be unhampered in your work.

Make it a point to rest. When you work at home, sometimes you’re up on your feet or your eyes are on the computer screen for hours and add to that, you may have to bring the kids to school and do household chores. Before multiple tasks wear you out, find time to rest and recharge. Set scheduled rest between work and home duties.

Entrust yourself, your family, and your work to God. God cares for us, our families, and the work that we do. Let us trust Him always to guide us and enable us to build our families and to work for our families’ welfare. When we trust and acknowledge Him, He will bless our families and the works of our hands.

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