First Steps to Raising Nature’s Stewards

If today’s generation are to be the stewards of the earth God entrusted us, then they need to develop a heart for it by learning to take delight in it, develop respect for it, and take responsibility as creation’s caretakers. This sense of stewardship is something that can be learned early on – at home.

Nature Invites Children to Wonder

Who would have thought that nature would become a mom’s best friend – from being a nanny to teacher to playground to a source of rest? Find out how this mom managed to inspire wonder and ignite her children’s interest in literature, art, science, and even math through nature.

60 Days of Summer

From sports, music, dance classes, arts and crafts, culinary, and even advanced academics, there’s a whole array of fun, new activities kids can explore. Let them try new hobbies or develop skills and talents they already have. And these 60 days of summer may just be the most memorable they’ll have so far.