What Makes a Great Hotel Bathroom? – Bathroom Redefined

Guests, travelers, and families who stay at hotels often get excited about the hotel’s gym, pool, bedroom, and other amenities. However, the bathroom is actually one of the most used places during these trips. 

After all, the bathroom is the first place we start our day and the last place we end it. Once we wake up, we use the toilet to wash our faces, brush our teeth and get ready for bed.  Our bathroom experience can set the tone for what will happen for the rest of the day. It offers a momentary space to unwind from the stresses of the day with a warm bath or a nice hot shower.

“We feel at home in the bathroom. It’s a whole experience already when you have a nice experience in the bathroom,” Alie Sison, Director of Sales and Marketing of Swissotel, said in an episode of Bathroom Redefined on Plus Network.

Swissotel makes an extra effort and takes their guests’ bathroom experiences to a whole new level. But for your future travels, here are some things to remember that make hotel bathrooms extra special:

  1. Bathroom Automation System – This offers guests both convenience and safety. Bathrooms with this system have blinds that can be controlled. A click on the switch makes the blinds go up and down. This feature is especially helpful for families. Parents can check on their children in the bathroom to ensure their safety. 
  2. Amenities and Fixtures – Guests love beautiful lighting and a peaceful ambiance while in the bath. But amenities and fixtures emphasize the whole experience in the bathroom. Chipped tiles, a broken hair dryer, or even a leaky shower are can be deal breakers for guests. On the other hand, functional, well-maintained, and safe amenities and fixtures can make or break a guest’s bathroom experience.  

So the next time we go on a trip with our families and friends, we can better assess what makes a hotel bathroom truly special. 

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