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With families spending most of their time at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be difficult to think of and cook different dishes for every meal. Award-winning celebrity chef Sau Del Rosario understands this challenge, which is why he recommends a simple recipe with eggs as the main ingredient that can be easily cooked at home. 

Del Rosario understands that due to travel restrictions and limitations brought by the pandemic, people will most likely only have basic ingredients in their kitchens at home. This is why the soft-boiled egg with curried sardines and noodles is made using simple ingredients such as sardines, noodles, and its main ingredient of eggs. 

Soft-boiled Egg with Curried Sardines and Noodles

– To start, you need to put 2 tablespoons of cooking oil in a frying pan. Then, add 1 piece of chopped white onion, before putting chopped garlic. Next, you need to heat the ingredients and mix them together.

– Afterward, you will add 1 can of sardines with the other ingredients. If you want some spice in your dish, you can add chili pepper and then mix in 1 pinch of black pepper. To have more flavor in your recipe, you can add 1 teaspoon of curry powder or other spices of your choosing. 

– Now, you will add 2 eggs, the main ingredient of the recipe, before adding 1 bowl of noodles before mixing the ingredients. The noodles should balance the taste of the dish so that the sardines will not be overpowering. 

– After mixing the egg, noodles, sardines, and other ingredients, you need to cover the frying pan so that the dish will cook properly. 

– Then, you need to add bread and slice it into small pieces and mix with the recipe. You can also add garnish like basil leaves, parsley, or water spinach (kangkong).

– Once the eggs and the rest of the dish have been cooked properly, you can serve them on plates and add basil leaves and cherry tomatoes to make the dish more presentable. 

Even though we may have limited ingredients in our kitchens, we can still make the most out of them and create delicious dishes even with simple ingredients such as noodles, sardines, and eggs.

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