Why is it important to have an eco-friendly bathroom? – Bathroom Redefined

The bathroom is considered as one of the most important parts of a house, but it could also be the most wasteful. One solution is to develop eco-friendly bathrooms by using water-saving fixtures and fittings, which will reduce our carbon footprint while also saving money on our water utility bill. According to Eco architect James Jao, eco-living is a paradigm that we must live with. The water that we save today will benefit future generations and eco-living will make life more meaningful now and into the future. 

In an episode of Bathroom Redefined on Plus Network, architect Jao shared the importance of having an eco-friendly bathroom. As an eco house advocate, architect Jao wants every Filipino to know what an eco house is all about, and that it is viable, economical, disaster-resilient, and future-proof housing. A project or house that sources materials within a 600km radius from the site’s location is considered eco-friendly. Architect Jao adds that it is important for homeowners to buy from the local enterprise and local traders within your vicinity, which will also help the local economy. 

The Bible says in Matthew 7:24 that the “wise man built his house on the rock,” and an eco-friendly house can withstand the elements and also uses materials that are locally-sourced, available, and eco-friendly. In terms of utilities, according to architect Jao, it is important to use energy-saving lighting and electrical appliances, including water-saving fixtures and fittings. But while it was challenging to find these types of fixtures and fittings years ago, there are many of these products that are available today. 

Architect Jao says that homeowners do not have to look far to find water-saving fixtures and fittings, for there are many that are locally-produced and handcrafted by Filipinos. It is important to support these products, as they are from the local industry and will boost our economy. He adds that HCG Philippines has the best products for Filipinos that are water-saver and water-efficient both for bathroom fixtures and fittings. Architect Jao repeats that as part of his design philosophy as an eco architect, he places high importance on sustainability, authenticity, and eco-friendly architecture, as there is only one earth, and it is up to us to take care of it. 

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