In Sickness and In Health

One night, in October of 1991, I visited a friend about to go through spinal surgery the next day. She had herniated discs on her spine after a fall, and I was fearful that should anything go wrong in the surgery, she might be paralyzed from the waist down. I went to see her, wanting … Read more

Three Relationship Myths that Parents Must Dispel in Their Teenager’s Life

The teenage years are a time of transition where teenagers need truth to accompany them as they make decisions, to guide their behavior, and set them up for future success. A close and intimate relationship with their parents or guardians can help dispel myths in their lives, and what to teach them instead.

Money Questions to Ask Before Taking Your Special Friendship to the Next Level

Questions about finances can help determine whether you want your relationship to develop into the next level. How a person views and uses money reflects their character. Here are questions which can help you decide if a deeper relationship is worth pursuing or not.